ProgramActivityCore LevelCommitment
City AttorneyContract Drafting and Compliance ReviewTraditionalReview standard form contracts within three business days of receiving bid responses.  Draft specialized contracts within two weeks of receiving terms of agreement.  Respond to request for amendments within two business days of receiving requested revisions. Ensure compliance with state purchasing laws, federal wage laws (for federally funded contracts) and the City's interdepartmental policy PU105 Purchases and Contracts over $50,000.
City AttorneyResolution DraftingTraditionalThe City Attorney’s Office is requested to prepare resolutions that can be simple or complex. Simple resolutions are drafted within two business days of request.  Complex resolutions are drafted within five business days of request.
City AttorneyOrdinance DraftingMandatoryThe City Attorney’s Office is requested to prepare ordinances. City Attorney staff conduct research on applicable state and federal law related to topic of ordinance. Draft budget ordinances within three business days of request.  Draft fee ordinance within seven business days of request. Draft simple (non-substantive) code amendments within two weeks of request.  Draft re-zoning ordinances within five business days of request. Draft new ordinances or substantial code revisions within a mutually agreed-upon timeframe.
City AttorneyWritten Legal OpinionsTraditionalDiscuss topic of legal opinion within three business days of receiving the request. Conduct all necessary legal research to ensure compliance with state and federal law, any applicable regulatory agency regulations and city ordinances. Draft written opinion and provide to requestor within mutually agreed upon timeframe.
City AttorneyLegal AdviceTraditionalProvide legal advice on wide range of topics - constitutional law, police, fire, land use contract, purchasing, economic development, and more.  Advice may be provided during a meeting, by email, by phone or in another informal manner.  Legal advice is provided to City Council, Mayor, City Manager, Assistant City Managers, Police Chief, Fire Chief, or other director and manager level employees.  Advice provided is grounded in research and provided within a mutually agreeable time frame.
City AttorneyProcess Open Records RequestsMandatoryReceive open records request from Office of the City Secretary within five days of receiving request.  Review request, responsive documents and applicable state and federal law to determine if requested information falls within a mandatory or discretionary exception to the Texas Public Information Act.  If mandatory, write brief to Texas Attorney General for ruling.  If discretionary, determine if client or district attorney wants the information reviewed by Texas Attorney General prior to release.  If yes, then write brief to Texas Attorney General for ruling.  Provide assistance to the Office of the City Secretary and Police Department records as to standard redactions and previous rulings.
City AttorneyProvide Legal Advice in Employment MattersTraditionalAssist the Human Resources Department with policy review and direction to department heads on disciplinary matters.  Provide semi-annual training to managers and directors on employment law.  Draft responses to Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) complaints.  Assist Human Resources Department when investigating complaints or grievances.  Provide legal advice related to Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), Americans with Disabilities Act Amendment (ADAA), Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA), Workers Compensation and Discrimination. Represent the City in employee appeals.
City AttorneyPersonnel ManagementEssentialManagement of all personnel related functions such as non-required staff training, employee relations, new employee recruitment, timely processing of timesheets, and personnel actions. This includes emergency conditions situations that require employees to fulfill their individual responsibilities to maintain and restore essential City services.
City AttorneyBudget ManagementEssentialMonitor expenditure activity to ensure year-end expenditures are within 3% of the planned budget and that all expenditures are made within the Interdepartmental Purchasing and Contracting Authority Policy (PU 101) and state law. Manage litigation expenses prudently and coordinate efforts with outside counsel to keep costs down.
City AttorneyAccountability & Strategic PlanningTraditionalCompletion of Performance Measures, Service Delivery Plans and Strategic Projects on time. Quarterly reporting submissions. Participation in organizational assessments when scheduled. 
City AttorneyProcess Subpoenas and Subpoenas Ducus TecumMandatoryReceive subpoenas and subpoenas ducus tecum from Office of the City Secretary and Police Department.  Review and process in accordance with the Texas Rules of Criminal and Civil Procedure and within the timeframe noted on the subpoena.  Collect necessary documents and prepare witnesses as needed.  File motions to quash when warranted.  File motions for in camera review with the judge when warranted.  Coordinate response with requesting attorney when possible.
City AttorneyProsecute Code Violations & MisdemeanorsMandatoryProsecuting violations of state and local law in the Sugar Land Municipal Court. Comply with City ordinances, state and federal law.
City AttorneyProsecutor - DocketsMandatoryAttend approximately 30 dockets per month.
City AttorneyArraignmentsMandatoryAttend and assist participants in walk-in Arraignment Docket Tuesday through Friday at 9 A.M. Art. 26.01 - 26.03 Code of Criminal Procedure (CCP).
City AttorneyPre-TrialsTraditionalAttend and assist participants in Pre-Trials on a first come first serve every Tuesday of the month at 1:30 P.M. and 3:30 P.M. Art. 28.01 Code of Criminal Procedure (CCP).
City AttorneyCode DocketTraditionalAttend and assist participants in Code Docket - First Thursday of every month at 1:30 P.M. Art 28.01 Code of Criminal Procedure (CCP).
City AttorneyJury TrialsTraditionalAttend and assist participants in Jury Trials - Wednesday and Thursday's at 1 P.M. Art. 26.12 Code of Criminal Procedure (CCP).
City AttorneyBench TrialsMandatoryAttend and assist participants in Bench Trials - Second Thursday of every month at 1:30 P.M. Art. 26.12 Code of Criminal Procedure (CCP).
City AttorneyDefault DocketTraditionalAttend and assist participants in Default Docket - Monday's at 1:30 P.M. Art. 45.041 Code of Criminal Procedure (CCP).
City AttorneyJuvenile Night CourtMandatoryAttend and assist participants in Juvenile Night Court  (juveniles ages 10-17 accompanied by a parent or legal guardian) - Third Monday of each month at 5 P.M.,  to accommodate both the schedules for the parents as well as students. If a holiday falls on the third Monday of the month, juvenile court is scheduled for the following Monday. Juveniles can also attend court Tuesday through Friday, during arraignments.
City AttorneyProsecutor - Legal Advice to Police DepartmentTraditionalProvide consultation to the Police Department on legal matters related to warrants and Class C Misdemeanors.
City AttorneyProsecutor - Legal Advice to Environmental & Neighborhood ServicesTraditionalProvide consultation to Environmental and Neighborhood Services Department on code violations and animal services violations.  Assist in preparation of warrants for code violations and animal seizures.
City AttorneyManage Outside Counsel Activities & LitigationTraditionalComply with the City's Interdepartmental Policy Request for Legal Services (LE101).  Maintain monthly status on all pending litigation regarding actions and cost.  Take measures to ensure the City is receiving quality legal services from outside counsel.
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