ProgramActivityCore LevelCommitment
City ManagerSupport to City ManagerMandatoryExecutive Team members execute organizational policies & priorities; oversee departments' and offices' operations and personnel; implement the adopted budget, Capital Improvement Program (CIP), and annual work plan. In addition, Assistant City Managers represent the City Manager in his/her absence.
City ManagerChief Administrative Officer Compliance with City CharterEssentialEstablish and organize City departments. Adopt, administer, and modify personnel policies. Manage the employment of City employees and their compensation. Prepare and recommend an annual budget, five-year Capital Improvement Program, and annual strategic project work plan, and report on progress quarterly. Prepare City Council agendas and take part in discussions of all open meetings of the City Council.
City ManagerCity Council / City Manager Quarterly 1on1sTraditionalConduct quarterly one-on-one meetings with individual City Council members
City ManagerCity Manager Performance EvaluationTraditionalConduct a quarterly executive session on performance with the entire City Council.
City ManagerAccountability & Strategic PlanningTraditionalCompletion of Performance Measures, Service Delivery Plans and Strategic Projects on time. Quarterly reporting submissions. Participation in organizational assessments when scheduled.  ​​ ​​
City ManagerBudget ManagementEssentialUtilize and monitor the City Manager's contingency fund.
City ManagerBudget ManagementEssentialMonitor expenditure activity to ensure year-end expenditures are within 3% of the planned budget and that all expenditures are made within the Interdepartmental Purchasing and Contracting Authority Policy (PU 101) and state law.
City ManagerContract ManagementTraditionalMaintain all contracts and remain within 1% of approved budget. Receipt invoices within one business day, according to Interdepartmental Accounts Payable Policy (AC 101).
City ManagerPersonnel ManagementEssentialManagement of all personnel related functions such as non-required staff training, employee relations, new employee recruitment, timely processing of timesheets, and personnel actions. This includes emergency conditions situations that require employees to fulfill their individual responsibilities to maintain and restore essential City services. ​
City ManagerCity Council SupportEssentialProvide support and make recommendations to the City Council at public meetings, committee meetings, through the For Your Information (FYI) process, and by request. Provide timely responses to questions and requests by acknowledging questions or requests within 24 business hours.
City ManagerEmergency Management ProgramMandatoryAppointment of an Emergency Management Coordinator to manage the Emergency Planning program; Monitor the emergency response during disaster situations; Implement policies and decisions of the governing body relating to Emergency Management; Direct or delegate responsibility for the activation of the EOC.
City ManagerManagement Assistant ProgramQuality of LifeOversee the Management Assistant Program, which serves the organization through the dedication of resources to short and long term or unforeseen business needs. The Management Assistant Program has a duration of two years per position.
City ManagerStrategic PlanningTraditionalConduct the annual strategic planning process through the following: Preparation of the next fiscal year's Annual Strategic Project Work Plan for adoption via resolution by City Council. Coordination of City Council Quarterly Reports for submittal to the City Council by the seventh week after quarter end. Coordinate City Council and department head retreats as directed by the City Manager.
City ManagerAgenda CoordinationTraditionalCoordinate the development of agendas, agenda items, and supporting materials for all posted meetings, including agenda reviews. Coordinate agendas for Council sub-committee meetings. Coordinate the weekly memorandum packets for City Council and maintain the City Council intranet website.
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