ProgramActivityCore LevelCommitment
AdministrationAccountability & Strategic PlanningTraditionalCompletion of Performance Measures, Service Delivery Plans and Strategic Projects on time. Quarterly reporting submissions. Participation in organizational assessments when scheduled. 
AdministrationBudget ManagementEssentialMonitor expenditure activity to ensure year-end expenditures are within 3% of the planned budget and that all expenditures are made within the Interdepartmental Purchasing and Contracting Authority Policy (PU 101) and state law.
AdministrationDepartment/Office Administrative FunctionsTraditionalEnsure the department is in compliance with existing City Council ordinances and City policies. Lead/support departmental or City-wide projects and processes.
AdministrationEmergency OperationsEssentialMaintain and update Annex C (Shelter and Mass Care) and Annex S (Transportation) and provide employee support.
AdministrationPersonnel ManagementEssentialManagement of all personnel related functions such as non-required staff training, employee relations, new employee recruitment, timely processing of timesheets, and personnel actions. This includes emergency conditions situations that require employees to fulfill their individual responsibilities to maintain and restore essential City services. ​
AdministrationPromotions/Social MediaQuality of LifeProduces the department's Playbook three times per year in the spring, summer, and fall/winter, for publication on the department webpage. Social Media: Manage and keep current the department's social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using the handle @SugarLandParks. Provide all visual content that represents all areas of parks and recreation, maintain strong customer service through the department's online presence. Monitor, review analytics, measure return on investment and develop strong content strategy plans. The department's social media pages are monitored at a minimum from 7 A.M. to 10 P.M., seven days per week. Analytics are reviewed monthly in-house, after each event or campaign and quarterly for performance measures. The return on investment is measured by comparing campaign results to analytical data. Promotions: Develop marketing pieces as needed, and include promotional objectives, target audience categorization, key message identification, and design elements and methods/channels through which the information is disseminated. This may include but is not limited to the development and design of items such as press releases, banners, posters, postcards and signage to inform the community. Identifying creative and appropriate  outlets that further enhance and continue to increase the City’s promotional reach across the regional area.
Development and MaintenanceAfter-Hours / On-Call ServicesQuality of LifeAcknowledge calls within 15 minutes of receipt, as well as create and update the weekly on-call schedule.
Development and MaintenanceCapital Improvement Program (CIP) Project ManagementTraditionalAnnual identification, planning, scheduling, coordinating, and monitoring of capital improvement projects.
Development and MaintenanceContract ManagementTraditionalMaintain all contracts and remain within 1% of approved budget. Receipt invoices within one business day, according to Interdepartmental Accounts Payable Policy (AC 101).
Development and MaintenanceMaintenanceTraditionalMaintain all parks and facilities which includes: Litter Collection - When not collected by contractor as scheduled. Restrooms - Ensure janitors clean and re-stock restrooms with paper products and confirm technicians clean between scheduled days. Graffiti/Vandalism - Remove within 24 hours. Trip Hazards - Mark within 24 hours. Playground Surface - Rake fall surface and fill under swings, slides and entry points. Valve Box Covers - Securing and/or replacing missing and/or damaged covers. Windscreens - Check for tears and loose fittings. Ant Beds - Treat as needed. Drinking Fountains - Check for proper operation. Picnic Tables - Arrange under picnic pavilions. Meeting Rooms - Ensure tables and chairs are stored and debris is removed. Volleyball Court Sand - Rake to reduce sand compaction. Irrigation – Checking for proper operation of all heads, valves, and controllers. Lighting Systems (fields, parking lots, and landscape lights) - Inspect for proper operation of all lamps and timers/photocells. Pawm Springs Dog Park - Closed each Monday for maintenance of grounds and water feature. Water Features/Streams/Ponds (Memorial, Oyster Creek, Eldridge and Sugar Mill) - Typically serviced each week but will vary based on rainfall and debris. River Park Splash Pad - Clean as necessary during the operating season from April 15 - October 15. BMX Track - Groom track surface three times per year. Skate Park - Inspect weekly and adjust annually. Smart Financial Interactive Fountain - Monitoring water quality daily and cleaning as necessary during operating season from April 15 - October 15; monitoring/maintaining as necessary during off season October 16 - April 14.
Development and MaintenanceMemorial Tree and Bench DonationsQuality of LifeCollaborate with the Administration Division staff to respond to residents' requests pertaining to donor benches and trees. Provide and process information, donor bench/tree location, order trees or benches, select trees for vendor installation, install benches and plaques, update donors on progress, and track the total number and location of donor benches and trees for each fiscal year. The donor tree is selected within five business days by Parks and Recreation staff and a vendor installs the tree. Installation of the donor tree plaque and donor bench is completed within seven business days by Parks and Recreation staff. Track submitted donations to the Accounting Division as required by Interdepartmental Accounts Payable Policy (AC 101).
Development and MaintenancePark InspectionsTraditionalPerform daily inspections and maintenance in each of the city's 27 parks and two special use facilities to ensure optimal safety, functionality and cleanliness. The associated services will include: A. Work order entry in Cityworks. Daily park inspections at heavily used locations (e.g. community/regional parks) or safety-related items (e.g. trip hazards, valve box covers). Weekly park inspections at the remaining sites (e.g. neighborhood parks) and items (e.g. trails, picnic tables, volleyball court sand, etc.). In-house CPSI  (Certified Playground Safety Inspector) to perform inspection on the 18 park playgrounds and four fitness stations once every two months. Regularly scheduled maintenance. Repairs that result from inspections. Work order reporting, updating and closing in Cityworks Emergency situation and customer service work orders are acknowledged within 24 hours. A typical work order is completed within two weeks.
Development and MaintenancePark Rehabilitation Capital Improvement Program (CIP) ContractsTraditionalIdentify, manage, review and approve park rehabilitation projects that align with the available funding for the applicable fiscal year. The prioritization will be based on the periodic Parks Facility Infrastructure Assessment conducted in-house and the preliminary engineering reports done by a consultant.  Provide clear and concise project descriptions and justifications.
Development and MaintenanceParks, Recreation, and Open Space (PROS) Master PlanTraditionalProvide updates on the Parks, Recreation and Open Space Master Plan on an annual and five-year basis and partner with the Planning Department for a ten-year update.
Development and MaintenanceProject ManagementQuality of LifeManage capital donation projects by accepting donations (through Legacy Foundation or by other means) and keeping donors up to date.  Provide assistance on environmental projects and initiatives and partner with local advocates or organizations to enhance habitat and sustainability in parks and open space. Acceptance of any donations, if applicable, (cash, goods, etc.) will follow the Donations Acceptance Policy.
Development and MaintenancePublic Outreach & Regional PartnershipQuality of LifeCollaborate and communicate with communities at both local and regional levels by serving on various organizational committees and attending community meetings and activities, including three league openings and four Youth Sports Association meetings. Attend at least two Parks, Art, Recreation, Culture, and Streetscapes (PARCS) board meetings, and any necessary Town Hall, City Council, Home Owner Association (HOA), or League Board meetings as requested. Present at local schools, Sugar Land Garden Club Meetings, Texas Recreation and Park Society (TRAPS) conferences, and Houston-Galveston Area Council (H-GAC) meetings when requested. Work towards providing 600 volunteer hours for residents each fiscal year related to parks development and maintenance. Represent the City of Sugar Land in regional park and recreation initiatives.
Development and MaintenanceSpecial Event Set-Up & SupportQuality of LifeAssist the Special Events and Recreation Division with a variety of City‐sponsored events before, during and after the events by:  Prepare the event site days or weeks in advance of the event depending on the event scale and requirements. Develop and implement park planning. Assist with any exhibits and maps. Secure and participate in all event meetings. Transport supplies, set up for the event, control litter and trash during and after the event, break down all necessary equipment and return and store supplies and clean up the site after the event. Provide supplemental support to destination events as requested.
RecreationAquatics - Daily Use/Swim Lessons/RentalsQuality of LifeThe municipal pool operates from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Public swim hours are Tuesday through Friday noon to 7 P.M., and Saturday and Sunday from 11 A.M. to 8 P.M. There is a fee to customers for pool use. Contracted lifeguards are utilized during all open swim hours. Three contracted lifeguards and one contracted pool manager are on duty at all times. Operations are measured by the number of patrons on a daily basis. Efficiency of operations is measured by cost recovery of budget and cost per participant.
RecreationAquatics - Quality/Safety Assurance/Safety Audits/Pool Maintenance (contracted service)MandatoryProvide oversight of pool maintenance and operations contracts to ensure compliance with Title 5, Part 1, Chapter 265, Subchapter L of the Texas Administrative Code for the "Standards for Public Pools and Spas" and Section 341.064 of the Texas Health and Safety Code. Compliance is required to operate a public pool.
RecreationAthletic CampsQuality of LifeAthletic camps are planned at the beginning of the fiscal year and are available to both residents and non-residents of Sugar Land between 4 and 18 years of age. Instructors are paid on a contractual basis. Examples of athletic camps include but are not limited to volleyball camps and basketball camps. Camps are age-specific, so as to provide optimal service directly correlated to age and/or experience. Camps are hosted throughout the year for a fee which covers the entire cost of the camp. Athletic Camps conducted by a third party, such as the Rockets Basketball Camp, are the same fee for residents and non-residents.
RecreationDay CampQuality of LifeDay camp is offered for eleven weeks during the summer to residents and non-residents between five and 13 years of age, with a limit of 75 participants per week. A weekly fee is charged for day camp service with higher fees for non-residents. Fees cover the full cost of participation. Times for regular day camp sessions are from 7 A.M. to 6 P.M. Regular Day Camp session activities include arts and crafts, athletics, aquatics, educational experiences, a weekly field trip [e.g. Moody Gardens, Houston Museum of Natural Science, The Houston Zoo, Oil Ranch, etc.], interactive learning experiences and a weekly pizza party. Day camp participants are also provided weekly access to the municipal pool throughout the course of the camp.
RecreationDay Camp Ordinance AdministrationMandatoryThe City of Sugar Land is required to adopt Standards of Care by City Ordinance annually per State law through the Texas Department of Family & Protective Services. “Standards of Care”  include: staffing ratios, minimum staff qualifications, facility requirements, health and safety standards, and monitoring and enforcing the adopted local standards. Standards of Care must be adopted prior to camp commencement.
RecreationInternal ControlEssentialPerform all cash handling procedures in compliance with the City's Interdepartmental Cash Handling and Cash Drawer Policy and Procedure (BR 101).
RecreationLeisure ClassesQuality of LifeImplement leisure classes at recreation facilities to provide enjoyable, diverse and memorable experiences that support all demographics. Class offerings are designed to provide customers with a diverse variety of recreational opportunities by covering educational, cultural, leisure, senior, sports and outdoors. Numerous exercise classes for adults and youth are available each month for customers in a range of levels from beginner to intermediate. Classes are taught by contracted instructors. Parks and Recreation staff will review and maintain the contracts, which will be renewed every six months, and coordinate and publish monthly class schedules. Classes will either be requested by customers or sought out by department staff to fill programming needs. Participation fees will apply to most leisure classes, and will be set by the class instructor. Leisure classes conducted at the IPRC have the same fee for residents and non-resident members. Leisure classes held outside of the IPRC in another facility have resident and non-resident fees. Leisure classes whose fees are set by a larger or parent organization such as Tinkergarten have the same fee for residents and non-residents.
RecreationMonitor Parks After-HoursQuality of LifePark Ambassadors patrol designated facilities and parks after hours Monday through Friday 5 P.M. to 10 P.M. and Saturday and Sunday 8 A.M. to 10 P.M. They do not duplicate the efforts of the after hours on-call service. Park Ambassador responsibilities include the following: interact with park patrons to ensure customer satisfaction; turn off/on sports lights for field rentals; monitor rented facilities for reservation compliance; interact with different Youth Sports Association representatives, coaches, and various parents using sports facilities; provide assistance during special events to help relieve workload from maintenance crews; monitor all fields, facilities, pavilions, parks and community centers for proper usage and any maintenance or safety issues that arise after hours and communicate issues such as burnt out lights or downed trees, to the Parks and Recreation Maintenance Division.
RecreationMonitor Youth Sports Associations (YSA) & AgreementsTraditionalFollow and enforce the Athletic Facility Use policies pertaining to Youth Sports Associations (YSA). Depending on the facility in use, certain financial obligations fall upon the Youth Sports Associations (e.g. half of the light bill, nominal fee per hour, etc.). As part of the stipulations set forth via policy and ordinance, it is the responsibility of the Parks & Recreation Department to ensure that YSA obligations are established, imposed, and maintained in conjunction with the practices set forth by the Accounting Division.   Communication with all Youth Sports Associations include the City’s reservation processes, responsibilities and benefits of having “recognized” user status, and other assorted policy and ordinance-related issues pertinent to local Youth Sports Associations, along with helping facilitate and communicate needs from the YSAs and non-affiliated users.
RecreationPublic Sports Exhibitions (Skate Park, Dog Park, Mtn. Bike etc.)Quality of LifePlan and design events at the beginning of the fiscal year that support specialty sports. These events may be held annually at the following facilities: City Park Skate Park, Pawm Springs Dog Park, Brazos River Park/Sugar Land Memorial Park bike trails, and the Imperial Park Disc Golf course. These events are typically free to the public and are funded through the general fund and sponsorships. Some events in the past have included Skate Jam and Sugar Land Showdown Disc Golf Tournament.
RecreationRentalsQuality of LifeManage reservations for six community buildings, five pavilions, the Imperial Park Recreation Center, T. E. Harman Center, Oyster Creek Park Amphitheatre and dozens of sports fields. Facilities can be reserved all year (excluding city holidays) and up to one year in advance. Coordinates extra services for events such as event security by an off-duty police officer as required, depending on scope of event. Collects all fees, which are established by City ordinance, including deposits, rental fees, building attendant fees and security fees. Charge additional fees where needed for cancellations, late changes and lost keys. Ensure all deposits are refunded within 30 days. The Accounting Division sends a report to alert of any deposits held after 30 days.
RecreationSpecial ProgramsQuality of LifeThe Imperial Park Recreation Center offers programs to its customers quarterly, that are planned for at the beginning of the fiscal year. These programs vary and include sports tournaments and family fun days. Utilize the Imperial Park Recreation Center's video gaming room to offer gaming tournaments and computer-generated sports tournaments to customers as well as free-play opportunities in the gymnasium and gaming room. A fee is charged at a higher rate for non-residents.
RecreationT.E. Harman Center - Community OutreachTraditionalProvide information about the T.E. Harman Center to local businesses and encourage participation in the programs and activities of the center. Each year the T.E. Harman Center hosts a Health Fair and invites local businesses and organizations to participate in the events. This allows access to seniors that do not have computer access or do not know about the center. It also provides information about local businesses and services to the City's senior community.
RecreationT.E. Harman Center - Daily ActivitiesQuality of LifeThe T.E. Harman Senior Center offers programs and daily activities to senior adults ages 50 years and older. A variation of planned and self‐structured activities are offered on a daily basis between Monday and Thursday from 7 A.M. to 6 P.M., and on Friday from 8 A.M. to 5 P.M. at the T.E. Harman Center. There is a charge for facility use/membership via the Facility Usage Card and non-residents are charged a higher fee for membership. Special activities are offered throughout the year and include Karaoke, Bunco and Yahtzee which is offered twice per month, Bingo at least three times per month and Pot Luck offered once per month. The T.E. Harman Center also offers Mah Jongg, Pool and Domino Tournaments. Daily activities are funded by the general fund and are included in the annual membership.
RecreationT.E. Harman Center - Leisure ClassesQuality of LifeT.E. Harman Center classes are typically instructed by Serve Sugar Land volunteers. Other instructors are paid on a contractual basis, with an agreed upon percentage of revenue generated which will be shared by the instructor and the City of Sugar Land. Fees for various classes will be charged only if the instructor must supply required materials. Supply fees are paid directly to the instructor by the customer.  Pre‐registration is required for all classes and activities; for classes with a fee, attendees pay the full cost of participation.
RecreationT.E. Harman Center - TripsQuality of LifeDay and overnight trips are offered to senior members through the T.E. Harman Center throughout the year. A fee is charged for the trips that covers costs related to transportation, activities on the trip and the hotel costs for overnight trips. Fees for non-residents are 20% higher than residents. Pre-registration and a waiver are required. Trip participants are escorted by one or more staff members depending on the scale of the trip. Attendees are expected to follow the T.E. Harman Center Code of Conduct.
RecreationT.E. Harman Center - Communications: Weekly E-news, Calendar, FlyersQuality of LifeCommunications to seniors is provided through a monthly calendar which can be viewed at the T.E. Harman Center or online at Harman. A weekly newsletter is e-mailed to subscribers. Program flyers are available at the center. Program information is included in the Parks Department Play Book which is available online at
RecreationT.E. Harman Center - Dances/Events/GalaQuality of LifeAt the beginning of the fiscal year, 25 dances and events are planned and offered throughout the year to members. Dances and events are held at the T.E. Harman Center in the afternoon and early evenings and musical entertainment is generally provided by a live band or a D.J. Refreshments, lunch or dinner is served at each event. Donations (refreshments and door prizes) and volunteers are solicited for each dance and event. A fee is charged for food. When a fee is charged for a dance or event, non-residents pay 20% more than residents. The Senior Holiday Gala is held once per year for members and provides an opportunity for seniors to meet and celebrate the holiday season. The event includes a sit-down lunch and dance with music provided by a live band or D.J. The Gala does not have a fee for residents, non-residents pay the full cost. Pre‐registration is required for all classes and activities. These events are funded by the general fund.
RecreationTrainingMandatoryRegularly attend development trainings. Department certifications include: Certified Playground Safety Inspector (CPSI) Certified Pool Operator (CPO) - Certification required to operate a public pool. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), automatic external defibrillator (AED), and First Aid Training & Certification for staff of the T.E. Harman Senior Center and Imperial Park Recreation Center.
RecreationImperial Park Recreation Center - Daily ActivitiesQuality of LifeThe Imperial Park Recreation Center offers programs and daily activities to people of all ages and abilities. A variety of planned and self‐structured activities are offered on a daily basis between Monday and Friday from 8 A.M. to 10 P.M., on Saturdays from 8 A.M. to 8 P.M. and on Sunday from 1 P.M. to 5 P.M. There is a charge for facility use/membership via the Facility Usage Card and non-residents are charged a higher fee for membership.
Special EventsEvent Supply Management & InventoryQuality of LifeDevelop, maintain and utilize the in-house special event inventory that can be used throughout the City as needed for internal events.  Inventory is developed using an overall analysis of rental cost versus purchase cost of items while also considering the allocation of storage space available. The inventory is stored at the Parks Maintenance shop and is inventoried annually. 
Special EventsMarketing & Promotional PlanQuality of LifeCreate promotional plans for each special event that includes a minimum of one press release and social media schedule, in order to educate and inform the public about City-produced community special events. The schedule varies based on the type of event but at minimum includes the creation of an event webpage, an event social media page, periodic posts, event updates, and tracking of audience engagement/interaction.
Special EventsOn-Site Event ManagementQuality of LifeCreate and implements departmental staffing plans as well as City-wide incident action plans for any event with an estimated attendance of over 1,000 participants. These plans are reviewed with impacted departments (Fire-EMS Department, Police Department, Parks and Recreation Department, Public Works-Traffic Division, etc.) at least three weeks prior to each event to ensure all safety and legal requirements have met city standards. Each department has its own standards. Plans include details such as expected weather, department responsibilities, staffing, emergency plans, traffic control measures, equipment needs, etc. Input is received from all impacted departments, revised as necessary, and redistributed at least one week prior to the event. Final plans are implemented on the day of the event. The department follows the Interdepartmental Special Events Policy-DE 101 and Special Events Ordinance No. 2065.
Special EventsPost Event EvaluationQuality of LifeEvent Production staff will schedule a wrap-up meeting with all involved City departments within a week after each City produced special event. This meeting is used to review event feedback from vendors, staff, public and the executive team. Comments and recommendations will be noted and used to improve future events.   Event attendance is evaluated: Total event attendance is estimated by the Sugar Land Police Department (SLPD). Attendance goal is at least 51% residents for all City produced community events. This data is captured by a random survey done on-site by staff and/or volunteers. Photos are obtained from hired or internal photographers and stored on Smugmug by the Communications Office. A press release may be drafted by staff and released through the Communications Office if needed and/or a follow-up For Your Information (FYI) memorandum to the City Council and executive team is submitted.
Special EventsPre-Event Planning, Coordination and Concept DevelopmentQuality of LifeProvide a budget recommendation and slate of events in accordance with the budget process. Develop and implement a plan of action for events including: event objectives, division assignments, budget, promotional plan, staffing plan, layout, communications plan, weather plan and timeline. Ensure events are safe, fun and compliant with Interdepartmental Policy Accepting Sponsorship for City Events (PR 101). Internal events are planned and organized by a City department for City residents, visitors and/or employees. Special Events staff provide subject matter expertise to internal departments for internal events. External events defined as special events by City Ordinance  No. 2065 are usually hosted by a private producer or organization. Special Events staff will act as permanent liaison for the City's Event Review Committee (lead/oversight by the Economic Development Department's Tourism Office) that meets to review all applications submitted through the Special Events process. Act as permanent liaison for committees such as the Employee Day at the Ballpark and Employee Banquet committees. Attend scheduled meetings and provide subject matter expertise.
Special EventsSponsorship Management: Recruitment, Database and MaintenanceQuality of LifeTo better leverage City funds for Special Events, staff will be responsible for recruiting and maintaining sponsors in order to recoup at least 10% of the overall event budget spent. A sponsorship database is maintained and updated, after each event,  that includes local, regional and national corporation information. Secure sponsorship funds to enhance the entertainment and services offered at events by creating sponsorship packets based on the event’s marketable value and the current economic state. Sponsorships will be obtained through sponsor solicitation, media research, and periodic sponsorship updates via event webpages.
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