ProgramActivityCore LevelCommitment
AdministrationAccountability & Strategic PlanningTraditionalCompletion of Performance Measures, Service Delivery Plans and Strategic Projects on time. Quarterly reporting submissions. Participation in organizational assessments when scheduled. ​
AdministrationBoards/Commissions/Task ForceTraditionalBoards/Commissions/Task Force - Prepare agenda/agenda items for Planning and Zoning Commission and Zoning Board of Adjustment by internal and posting deadlines. Conduct an annual orientation for Planning and Zoning Commission and Zoning Board of Adjustment. Provide additional training to Planning and Zoning Commission and Zoning Board of Adjustment as needed or requested. Fund all Planning & Zoning Commission member attendance to one planning conference annually.
AdministrationEmergency OperationsEssentialFulfill emergency operation functions according to Annex O responsibilities.  Support the Building Official in fulfilling emergency operation functions according to Annex J.
AdministrationBudget ManagementEssentialMonitor expenditure activity to ensure year-end expenditures are within 3% of the planned budget and that all expenditures are made within the Interdepartmental Purchasing and Contracting Authority Policy (PU 101) and state law.
AdministrationPersonnel ManagementEssentialManagement of all personnel related functions such as non-required staff training, employee relations, new employee recruitment, timely processing of timesheets, and personnel actions. This includes emergency conditions situations that require employees to fulfill their individual responsibilities to maintain and restore essential City services. ​
Development Planning Pre-development ConsultationTraditionalRespond to questions and meeting requests from external customers within one business day. Provide weekly designated times on Thursday morning for pre-development meetings per the Development Application Handbook. Typically in a week, planning staff conducts approximately two to five pre-application meetings. Roughly half of these involve the group of reviewing departments known as the Development Review Committee (DRC).
Development Planning Development Application ProcessingTraditionalCheck applications submitted to the City for completeness and notify customers if the application is incomplete within one business day of receipt. Development Review Coordinators route complete submittals to reviewers within two business days of receipt.  Coordination of the development application review process benefits the City through quality development, and provides individual applicants reliable turn-around times. This also reduces instances of “surprises”.
Development Planning Development Application ReviewMandatoryPlanning staff will complete review of requests/applications received from applicants by established timelines set in the Development Application Handbook that is available on the City's website, for rezonings, Conditional Use Permits, Planned Development zoning (PD), General Land Plans, Plats, Site Plans, Variances, Special Exceptions, Residential Building Plans, Commercial Building Plans, Sign Permits, Name Change/Change of Use, and Zoning Verifications Requests to ensure proposed development is in compliance with Development Code requirements. The Development Review Committee (DRC) is established by the City's Development Code (Chapter 2) and requires the Planning Department co-lead the weekly Development Review Committee (DRC) meetings with the Engineering Department. The Planning Department also prepares and emails an agenda to all participants two business days before the meeting. Planning monitors and tracks review process and compiles comments from reviewers and sends comment letters and correspondence to applicants by established timelines in the Development Application Handbook.
Development Planning Development Approval (Board, Commission or City Council)MandatoryProcess Development applications through the necessary boards/commissions/council by scheduling public hearings according to statutory and code requirements, and prepare agenda reports and presentations according to set internal city timelines and procedures.
Development Planning Compliance Certification - Development Approval or Disapproval (Administrative)MandatorySchedule site inspections within three business days of notification of CO requests. Staff certifies development meets all applicable Development Code and ordinance requirements.
Development Planning Liquor License Review & ProcessingMandatoryLiquor License Review and Process: Administrative Coordinator checks Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) applications submitted to the City for completion and routes completed applications to Planning Staff for zoning compliance within one business day of receipt. Coordinator routes approved applications to City Secretary's Office for City seal within three business days of receipt. Coordinator maintains liquor license inventory list of all active licenses issued by the City and issues monthly invoices for license renewal 30 days prior to expiration date. Coordinator monitors TABC database for state license issuance daily and accepts payment for license fees. Upon TABC approval, Coordinator will issue city license within two business days and mail to applicant. 
Long Range PlanningComprehensive Plan Review & UpdatesTraditionalOwn and lead the Comprehensive Plan update process: review the plan every two years (fiscal year) and provide report to City Council by October. Updates should occur every 7-10 years or when there is a significant change in policy direction or vision.​
Long Range PlanningLand Use PlanTraditionalImplement the Land Use Plan by developing an annual work plan (fiscal year) and carrying out projects. Review Land Use Plan annually and provide a report to City Council and Planning & Zoning Commission by October. Update on the Land Use Plan occurs every 7-10 years or when there is a significant change in policy direction.
Long Range PlanningMaster PlansTraditionalComplete Master Plan Annual Report (fiscal year) on eight official Master Plans and provide workshop to City Council with results by end of September.  Lead the process to update all eight Master Plans every 7-10 years or when there is a significant change in policy direction or vision.
Long Range PlanningDemographics Tracking & ReportingTraditionalPrepare population estimates and projections for the City and Extraterritorial jurisdiction (ETJ), and incorporate into the Demographics Report annually by January in accordance with the Interdepartmental Demographics Information Policy (PL 102). The Demographics Report is provided to all department heads and city management and is also used to update information on the City's website.
Long Range PlanningLand Use InventoryQuality of LifeComplete land use inventory report annually (fiscal) by September which provides base data for the annual Demographics Report made available to internal staff and external customers upon request, respond to data inquiries, assist with forecasting revenues for the annual budget projections for permit fees for new single family home construction.
Long Range PlanningDevelopment Agreement MonitoringMandatoryReview and update list of obligations and triggers as development occurs and developer/city obligations are triggered.
Long Range PlanningAnnexation & Boundary AdjustmentsTraditionalLead and coordinate evaluation of areas for annexation; lead and coordinate process for annexations, deannexations, and boundary adjustments in accordance with statutory requirements outlined in the Texas Local Government Code (TXLGC) - Chapter 43 upon City Council adopting a resolution to prepare a service plan or receipt of a request from an adjacent jurisdiction.
Long Range PlanningUS CensusTraditionalCoordinate and provide updates on Census related information to the Census by set US Census Bureau deadlines between the decennial census periods.  Coordinate City's participation during decennial census including creation of a Complete Count Committee, communication campaign, and responding to Local Update of Census Addresses (LUCA) program by federal deadlines.
Long Range PlanningStrategic Project/Special Project ManagementTraditionalManage strategic and special projects as assigned by completing subtasks to achieve major milestones established in project charters. Ensure project schedule is updated to reflect any changes in schedule. Ensure appropriate groups are kept informed of project progress.
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