ProgramActivityCore LevelCommitment
311 Contact CenterCentral Point of Contact for Inquiries and Service Request Contact and MonitoringTraditionalAnswer 80% of calls on a monthly basis within 30 seconds or less.
311 Contact CenterMaintenance of Central KnowledgebaseQuality of LifeKeep knowledgebase up to date by coordinating with departments on a daily basis and ensuring information is entered into the database within one business day.
311 Contact CenterTrend Identification and ActionQuality of LifeMonitor all inquiries in real time for common questions/concerns and coordinate response efforts with applicable departments. Utilize common inquiries and service requests to inform and direct communications with residents and other groups, including staff.
311 Contact CenterCustomer Service SurveyQuality of LifeCollect responses from the Customer Service Survey and produce a quarterly report of survey results for City Council, directors and the executive team within 30 days of the quarter end; Daily monitoring of any urgent customer issues identified through the survey results and respond within one business day to customer.
311 Contact CenterCity Hall ReceptionTraditionalEnsure all customers are greeted and directed to the appropriate resource. Ensure deliveries, packages, and badges are handled according to the standard operating procedures (SOPs).
311 Contact CenterCustomer Service Policy Implementation and TrainingQuality of LifeSupport organizational compliance with the City's Interdepartmental External Customer Service Policy (CA 117). Staff is notified of non-compliance and is escalated to management as needed.
Communications and Community EngagementHome Owners Association (HOA) CoordinationQuality of LifeHave the requested City representative at all Home Owners Association (HOA) meetings the City is invited to. Acknowledge HOA inquiries and requests for services within one business day. Coordinate staff efforts and response with regard to sensitivities surrounding HOAs. Coordination of quarterly HOA meetings (four per year).
Communications and Community EngagementNeighborhood ServicesQuality of LifeCoordinate staff response to  inquiries and requests for services stemming from neighborhoods (vs. individual residents or Home Owner Associations) Proactively identify, monitor and respond to neighborhood issues by liaising with staff during communications planning meetings held as needed and through email correspondence during business hours and urgent after-hour matters.
Communications and Community EngagementCitizen PetitionMandatoryOversee staff compliance with City's Interdepartmental Handling of Documents Supporting or Opposing City Action Policy (AD 122) by ensuring consistent handling of petitions or documents containing a list of signatures supporting or opposing city action, but do not meet the requirements of Article III of the City's Charter.
Communications and Community EngagementServe Sugar Land - Citywide Volunteer ProgramQuality of LifeOversee and implement the City's volunteer program through daily management of volunteer opportunities and identification and collection of volunteer opportunities from staff; communicate needs and opportunities for citizen involvement to the public. Daily management of the volunteer database and security of the database, quarterly training of new users in other departments and develop reporting tools to correlate with any recruitment of Boards and Commissions vacancies. Assist with recruitment and communication for other citizen’s task forces, committees, boards and commissions to align with the recruitment of any vacant positions (typically late Summer). Track the number of volunteer hours per the City's Goal Measures program annually based on performance better than the three-year trailing average of volunteer hours in the City of Sugar Land.
Communications and Community EngagementCitizen AcademiesQuality of LifeDevelop appropriate curriculums for the Sugar Land 101 program and the Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council; in addition to recruiting, screening and selecting participants each late summer/fall. Lead sessions and facilitate tours of City facilities. Schedule and manage staff presentations and logistics. Develop and manage supporting budgets. Provide assistance to Police, Fire and Airport with publicity, registration and scheduling of those department's citizen academies.
Communications and Community EngagementDistrict Town Hall MeetingsQuality of LifeMonitor compliance with City Council Policy 3000-25 District Town Hall Meetings by coordinating the Town Hall meetings requested by Council Members during the late summer or fall months.
Communications and Community EngagementCity Hall ToursQuality of LifeProvide City Hall tour(s) to any individual or group that requests one (typically once per month). Provide a 30-minute presentation on the history of Sugar Land in the City Hall Chamber to coordinate with the tour to each group.
Communications and Community EngagementBoards and CommissionsMandatoryResolution 15-24 Council Policy and Procedures for Boards, Commissions and Committees states: Twice a year, recruit members; actively assist City Council in the application, interview, and appointment process; coordinate new member orientation, conduct Open Meetings Act training, and administer oaths of office.
Communications and Community EngagementCity-wide Open HouseQuality of LifeHold a City-wide open house annually.
Communications and Community EngagementPublications/Print/Graphic ArtTraditionalAssist departments in development of print collateral. Departments must submit requests at least one month in advance to ensure the best opportunity to meet project deadlines. Develop graphics that represent the City's brand and message. Departments must submit requests at least one month in advance to ensure the best opportunity to meet project deadlines. Produce an annual report to be completed in time for State of the City on the City's achievements and is also published online on the City's website.
Communications and Community EngagementEnsure Proper Use of City Logo and BrandTraditionalEnsure proper use of city logo and brand in compliance with City Council Logo Policy 2000-02 use of the City Seal and City Logo based on requests from departments/offices. Staff will respond within one business day of requests from offices/departments to ensure logo use complies with policy.
Communications and Community EngagementPhotographyQuality of LifeProvide staff photographer for 100 percent of requests to support citywide events and activities. Shoot all requests for city related programs, activities, meetings and services. Photos will be uploaded to an online photo archival platform and a link will be provided within one business day.
Communications and Community EngagementWebsiteTraditionalConduct at least one annual training for web administrators. Distribute monthly e-newsletter at the end of each month and archive on the City's website. Monitor and update web content on a daily basis to ensure content, tools and links are current and functional. Produce monthly analytics at the end of month to document web traffic, pages visited, etc. for distribution to the executive team. The report will be used to evaluate navigation and website content. Conduct at least one annual focus group that is organized and moderated by a member of the Office of Communications. Results will be prepared into a report to be shared with the Director of Public Affairs for evaluation of web content. The sessions will be held during the second quarter of each fiscal year. Conduct at least two  steering committee meetings each year to evaluate web content, navigation and technology.
Communications and Community EngagementSocial MediaTraditionalDevelop a monthly editorial calendar that is used by the Office of Communications to plan content and share with Director of Public Affairs upon request. Monitor social media on an hourly basis including weekends. This should be conducted by a member of the Office of Communications. Issues identified are shared with the department heads and Assistant City Managers with recommendations for educational responses and/or operational responses by service departments. Reports will be compiled for use in evaluating social media content and technology. Respond to social media inquiries within one business day. Correct misinformation on City platforms within one business day.
Communications and Community EngagementCommunity Issues ManagementQuality of LifeContinuous monitoring of social media on a daily basis through alerts and manual scanning of pages and partnership with Community Engagement/311/Council Liaison and departments to understand new, ongoing or anticipated issues in the community. Identification of issues with community interest as indicated by number of and magnitude of comments/shares/reach. As issues arise, provide screenshots and information about the posts to staff responsible for area of community issue and work with the staff to develop effective messaging and communications strategies.
Communications and Community EngagementContract ManagementTraditionalMaintain all contracts and remain within 1% of approved budget. Receipt invoices within 1 business day, according to Interdepartmental Accounts Payable Policy AC101.
Communications and Community EngagementVideo ProductionQuality of LifeProduce live meetings (primarily Planning & Zoning - two per month and City Council three per month) and schedule playback within three business days on Sugar Land Television (SLTV). Develop videos for use online to educate the public and City residents on programs, activities and services. Two members of the Office of Communications will be available to produce videos. A month's notice should be provided, and production will vary from one week to one month to complete videos. Support internal video needs. A month's notice should be provided, and production will vary from one week to one month to complete videos. Manage technology troubleshooting, provide recommendations and implementation support on equipment and software upgrades throughout the year.
Communications and Community EngagementMedia RelationsTraditional24/7 on call media support provided by the Assistant Director of the Office of Communications who serves as the City spokesperson. Return all media calls within 30 minutes 24/7. News releases are drafted and reviewed prior to sending to the media and Home Owners Association (HOA) distribution list, City Council Liaison, executive team, directors, associated staff, posted to the City website and social media platforms. News releases will meet deadlines, and the Office of Communications will ensure distribution to e-team, directors and project managers minutes after distribution to the media. Draft citywide key messages once per year at beginning of fiscal year. Work with departments to draft key messages for specific projects and special initiatives. Manage communication plans. Monitor news coverage. Correct misinformation found in the media and on social media. This includes contacting reporters and editors to correct media stories. To address misinformation posted on social media sites, consideration will be given to drafting social media posts for the City's social media platforms and sharing information with HOAs. Provide media training once per year for managers and above. This will be done by a media consulting company with industry expertise.
Communications and Community EngagementCommunication PlansQuality of LifeAssist departments/offices and the executive team in identifying key subjects and topics that will result in public interest to develop robust communications plans involving social media, website, video, messaging, Home Owner Associations and Property Owner Associations, and/or neighborhood engagement, 311 messaging, etc. Once identified, work with departments/offices to complete communications plan templates and timing for execution of the plan. Implement the multi-faceted communication plan through a tailored strategic communication approach.
Communications and Community EngagementKey MessagesQuality of LifeAnnually develop key messages by partnering with the executive team to identify key areas for the upcoming fiscal year. Work with departments/offices to detail key messages and sub-messages. Utilize and promote key messages throughout the fiscal year in social media posts, publications, speeches, media interviews, video content, staff remarks, City Council speaking points, etc.
Communications and Community EngagementAccountability & Strategic PlanningTraditionalCompletion of Performance Measures, Service Delivery Plans and Strategic Projects on time. Quarterly reporting submissions. Participation in organizational assessments when scheduled. ​
Communications and Community EngagementPersonnel ManagementEssentialManagement of all personnel related functions such as non-required staff training, employee relations, new employee recruitment, timely processing of timesheets, and personnel actions. This includes emergency conditions situations that require employees to fulfill their individual responsibilities to maintain and restore essential City services. ​
Communications and Community EngagementBudget ManagementEssentialMonitor expenditure activity to ensure year-end expenditures are within 3% of the planned budget and that all expenditures are made within the Interdepartmental Purchasing and Contracting Authority Policy (PU 101) and state law.
Communications and Community EngagementCitizen Satisfaction SurveyQuality of LifeThe Citizen Satisfaction Survey measures and assesses citizen satisfaction with the delivery of major city services and helps set community priorities for improved services and long-range planning.  Core areas surveyed included public safety (police, fire and emergency management), public works/utilities (streets and transportation, code enforcement, water service), parks and recreation, communications, quality of life, overall city services and satisfaction with city services for dollars paid. The survey is typically conducted on a biennial basis, unless business needs warrant a delay per Executive Team direction, to ensure City services meet citizen expectations, and the results help identify resources necessary to address community concerns.
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