ProgramActivityCore LevelCommitment
Public Safety DispatchQuality AssuranceEssentialManagers/Supervisors conduct random quality assurance reviews (internal standard operating procedure - three calls per service per employee per month - one Fire, one EMS, one Police) for each dispatch employee assigned to floor operations and provide individual feedback monthly; The department will maintain an average quality assurance score of 90% or higher as part of the City's Performance Measure program.
Public Safety DispatchProcess Calls for ServiceEssentialAnswer 95% of 9-1-1 calls within ten seconds of ring into dispatch (tracked monthly) and maintain three or fewer substantiated citizen complaints documented on an employee incident report about Dispatch response (tracked annually) as part of the City's Performance Measures program.
Public Safety DispatchDispatch Field RespondersEssentialDispatch field responders to 80% of emergency police, fire and emergency medical services (EMS) calls within 60 seconds (tracked monthly) as part of the City's Performance Measures program.
Public Safety DispatchPowerPhone Total Response AccreditationQuality of LifeOngoing adherence to quality assurance standards and best practices regarding use of Emergency Medical and Fire Service dispatch protocols to ensure compliance and successful biennial reaccreditation (audited for every two years).
Public Safety DispatchAudio RecordingsTraditionalManagers/Supervisors process all requests for audio recordings for subpoenas, open records, criminal investigations, and training within three business days of receipt.
Public Safety DispatchTraining ProgramTraditionalAll personnel assigned to floor operations will successfully complete the Sugar Land Public Safety Dispatch training program (typically accomplished within a year) prior to being released from the program to operate as an independent public safety dispatcher.
Public Safety DispatchLaw Enforcement Telecommunicator LicenseMandatoryAll personnel will take the required training and successfully pass the exam to obtain their Telecommunicator License through the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) and will participate in the required continuing education(at least 20 hours each two year cycle) to maintain their license per TCOLE requirements.
Public Safety DispatchCJIS (Criminal Justice Information System) CertificationsMandatoryAll personnel will take the required training and successfully pass the exam to obtain their Texas Crime Information Center (TCIC)/National Crime Information Center (NCIC) Full Access certification within six months of hire. All personnel will complete CJIS Security Awareness training within six months of hire. Personnel will take the required tests to renew their certifications every two years per Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) requirements.
Public Safety DispatchFire/EMS CertificationsQuality of LifeAll personnel assigned to floor operations will take the required training and successfully pass the exam to obtain Emergency Medical Dispatcher and Fire Service Dispatcher certifications before being released from the training program (typically accomplished within a year). Must renew certifications every two years.
Public Safety DispatchContinuing Education TrainingQuality of LifePersonnel shall participate in planned in-service training sessions and training offered by outside providers to learn new processes, for continued professional development and to maintain a strong working knowledge of dispatch functions and best practices.
Public Safety DispatchBackground InvestigationsMandatoryThorough background investigations shall be completed on all potential new hires in accordance with the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) guidelines per requirements.
Public Safety DispatchOversight of Emergency Notification SystemQuality of LifeDirector maintains the contract for the emergency notification system. Director/managers maintain administrative oversight of the system. Human Resources maintains employee contact information . Resident and business contact information is provided by the vendor. Individuals can provide personal contact information via the emergency notification system link on the city website. All dispatch personnel are trained and authorized to utilize the system to send emergency notification messages in accordance with Interdepartmental Use of Emergency/Urgent Notification Systems Policy (PSD-100).
Public Safety DispatchPersonnel ManagementEssentialManagement of all personnel related functions such as non-required staff training, employee relations, new employee recruitment, timely processing of timesheets, and personnel actions. This includes emergency conditions situations that require employees to fulfill their individual responsibilities to maintain and restore essential City services. ​
Public Safety DispatchBudget ManagementEssentialMonitor expenditure activity to ensure year-end expenditures are within 3% of the planned budget and that all expenditures are made within the Interdepartmental Purchasing and Contracting Authority Policy (PU 101) and state law.
Public Safety DispatchAccountability & Strategic PlanningTraditionalCompletion of Performance Measures, Service Delivery Plans and Strategic Projects on time. Quarterly reporting submissions. Participation in organizational assessments when scheduled. 
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